Define, collect, analyse.

TapSee survey solution for Android phones and tablets.
Tapsee allows you to build rich electronic survey forms that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet computer. Each survey can be conducted as many times as you like, and the results are available via the web in realtime, or downloaded into Excel or Google Earth. More information is available in our youtube videos.

TapSee is an invaluable tool for applications including field surveys, market research, and event registration. As well as standard question and answer fields, TapSee can include photographs and GPS coordinates embedded within a survey result. TapSee also supports offline usage, allowing surveys to be collected without an internet connection and uploaded in bulk when a connection is available.

Licensing / Cost
TapSee is free to use for evaluation and approved non-profit organisations, where all survey results will be deleted from the server after 7 days, and the number of responses is limited to 100.

For continued usage TapSee is available for an annual fee of 100 euros. More information about the difference between evaluation and paid mode can be found in the 'About TapSee' section.