Results in realtime

TapSee provides real-time access via the web to the survey data as it is entered, with multiple teams able to collect results for the same survey, submitting them to the central database.

If a network is not present, TapSee stores survey responses on the phone or tablet, and they can be uploaded in bulk when a connection is available.

In addition to submitting responses using the mobile app, responders can submit results via a webpage, for example the demo survey.

Licensing / Cost

Evaluating TapSee is free, simply click up the top on 'Create Survey' and you can create a new survey immediately.

Note that in evaluation mode, all survey results are deleted from the server after 7 days. In evaluation mode, the maximum number of responses to a survey is 100, and photos are limited to 200 megabytes.

In paid mode, an unlimited number of surveys can be created, and their results stay on the server for the duration of the year purchased. Photo storage is limited to either 500 Mb or 10 Gb, depending on the plan purchased. A full breakdown of the features for each mode of TapSee is available below.

Payment for TapSee is made via credit card or PayPal, using the PayPal system. This provides a highly secure and traceable method for payment, allowing you to subscribe with complete confidence.

Feature Matrix

Feature Free Version 100 € / year 300 € / year
Unlimited number of surveys
Unlimited number of handsets/tablets used per survey
Respond using either mobile app or web browser
Maximum number of responses per survey 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Export to Excel (CSV) Export 100 results
Export to Google Earth (KML) Export 100 results
Delete responses on server
Modify responses on server
Duplicate survey (create survey from template)
Synchronise results between mobile devices
Lifetime of data on TapSee server 1 week Duration of contract
(1 year)
Duration of contract
(1 year)
Limit of photos 200 MB 500 MB 10 GB
Custom branding of mobile app

Customised functionality

The TapSee team is able to tailor TapSee to match the requirements of individual clients. Examples of possible customisations include branding, alerts, and the submision of results to an external server. Don't hesitate to contact us if you require custom functionality.

Get started !

So what are you waiting for ? Click up the top on Create Survey and make a test survey right away.

Remember, to use TapSee, you'll need to download the mobile application from Google Play, it's free !

If you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact us.